VOYPIC30 – Martha

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Martha is a care experienced young adult who has been involved with VOYPIC for the past seven years. During that time she has taken part in lots of activities and programmes, including being a Young Rep and a member of the VOYPIC Board of Directors.

How did VOYPIC impact on your experience of care?

It gave me a better understanding of as to why I was in care and why there were so many people involved in my life, compared to other people who aren’t in care.

How was the transition to adulthood helped by VOYPIC?

With help with college applications, university finance help, budgeting, how to cook and clean and just to know that there’s support there and signpost me to other organisations.

What advice would you give to another young person in care?

Just to know that there’s always help and know that they are not alone. There’s always people there to support them and never be afraid to be yourself.

What do you hope VOYPIC will do for young people with experience of care in the future?

 Just continue the support that they’re giving the young people and hopefully it will continue.

If you had to describe VOYPIC in one word, what would it be?


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