Your Place

Your Place


Everything we do is focused on you and your needs as a young person in care. Our work can be divided into three key areas.


We provide an independent advocacy service for children in care and care leavers on behalf of the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB).

An advocate is someone with specialist training and experience who makes sure your voice, views and experiences are heard by those making decisions about your care.

Our advocates will listen to you, help you find out about your rights in care and will make sure your voice is heard in care planning and decision making.


We help connect you with other young people with a lived experience of care. We host regular groups, participation forums and activities that help you build your self-confidence and personal skills, whilst making new connections and friends.

Our participation programmes help you find your voice and set your own agenda for change!

If you would like to get involved in activities in your area, contact your local VOYPIC office.
We regularly post details about what’s coming up on our Facebook and Instagram pages,
so check often!

Influencing Change

t’s important that the voice of young people in care is heard by those who make the big decisions. We work with people and organisations, including government, to make sure
this happens.

When a child or young person comes into care, it’s up to the government to make sure you are looked after properly. The Health and Social Care Trust becomes what’s known as your ‘corporate parent’ – but the other government bodies have an important role to play too. Our Engagement Ambassadors deliver training to lots of different agencies on what they can do to help care experienced young people.

Oh, and there’s one more important thing…


We host regular events and activities where you can make new friends, relax, and just be yourself – because you’re with other young people who have been through similar experiences.

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