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Grainne is a relatively new addition to the VOYPIC family but she has wasted no time in fully getting involved in VOYPIC life. Grainne hopes to use her care experience to help others going through care.

How did VOYPIC impact on your experience of care?

I love the fact that it’s a place where everyone comes together, and appreciate the fact that we’ve all had the same track of life. And whenever I heard about the organisation, it was at the top of my list. I knew that this was going to be something that I got involved with.

How did VOYPIC help you look back on your time in care? Did it help you understand things better?

Yeah, it definitely does because when you’re a kid, even if it’s explained in kid’s terms, you still don’t get it. But I was lucky enough to be told about my adoption, but in terms of the foster care, me and my family were not treated well at all. So, in terms of transitioning, with VOYPIC’s help, I really hope I can help others make a difference and that we can make a change together. It’s essential right now.

What advice would you give another young person in care?

That’s a big one because it’s like a kid that doesn’t particularly have family or doesn’t understand or hasn’t had a good experience of one. You’re incredibly worth it. No one may have been around at a certain point in time to tell you that, but you are.

What do you hope VOYPIC will do for care experienced young people in the future?

Promote education and for them to know that they can build their own family and they have one here. The system is flawed, so if you recognise that, it doesn’t feel like this world is quite so terrible, you know. So this is why we’re all together. To change it. Just to make their lives better essentially. 

If you had to describe VOYPIC in one word, what would it be?


Can I have a second? For Me

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