This Christmas Time, Think Article 9

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We're calling for all Christmas family time visits to be agreed by Monday 12 December 2022.

We are a group of young people in care. Each week we meet at VOYPIC and talk about the things that are important to us.


Recently we have been talking about Christmas, and how much it means for us to see our families at Christmas time. We know that some young people may not yet know where they will spend Christmas, and who they are spending it with.


We think that all young people in care should know in advance what their Christmas plans will be.


We understand that it may not be safe for some young people to be with who they want to be with. But we still want Christmas to be special for everyone and want young people to be involved in their plans for Christmas.


Our friends in school are talking about their plans for Christmas, and we don’t want young people in care to be left out. 


We are asking you to make sure that:


  • by the Monday 12 December all children and young people know what their plan is for Christmas Day. Who they will be with, where that will be, how they will get there and back again, and how long they will be there.
  • if a child cannot be home for Christmas, it will still be as special a day for them as possible.


Thank you for your help with making Christmas special for everyone!



From: AS, CMcM, MB, HW & KMcM – Members of the Switch Group

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