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VOYPIC is seeking young adults from its membership scheme to join the
Young Reps Forum!

Young Reps are the youth leaders of VOYPIC, and help decide what we do. They represent and advocate on behalf of all young people in and leaving care, and advise the VOYPIC Board of Directors and the VOYPIC Leadership Team on how to deliver the Strategic Plan.

You can download a VOYPIC Young Reps Info Pack with all the info on this page, and the application form, by clicking the button below.  If you scroll down the page you can apply online or download the application form.

Why do we need your help?

We want young people to be at the centre of the big decisions about what VOYPIC is, and what we do for young people in and leaving care. Young Reps represent their peers. They play an important part in helping decide what we do and telling others about our work. Above all, they help make sure that everything we do helps us build a society where every child in care feels safe, valued and loved, and every young person leaving care does so with dignity and respect, and thrives into adulthood. 

The Young Reps Forum also elects two of the members to be members of the VOYPIC Board of Directors. This is called an ‘ex-officio member’, which is a legal term meaning they can be on the Board because they are members of the Young Reps Forum.

What do Young Reps do?

The Young Reps Forum will meet at least monthly, sometimes in person and sometimes online.  Young Reps will: 

  • Meet with the Board of Directors at least twice a year
  • Assist and advise the two ex-officio board members
  • Help design services and other resources for children and young people in care
  • Talk to other young people in and leaving care, and find out what’s important to them
  • Help raise awareness about young people in and leaving care, and tell others about the work of VOYPIC, including through public speaking and in the media
  • Represent VOYPIC at local and national events, and promote what we do

All Young Reps get special training for their role, and additional support and guidance will be available through a named VOYPIC worker.


Who can apply to be a VOYPIC Young Rep?

You can apply to be a VOYPIC Young Rep if you are:

  • aged between 16-25 years
  • have a personal experience of being in care
  • are a member of the MyVOYPIC Membership Scheme
If you are not a member of the MyVOYPIC Membership Scheme, you must join before applying. You can join at www.MyVOYPIC.org

When deciding who will get a place on the Young Reps Forum, we will look for people who:

  • are able to represent and share the views and experiences of children and young people in and leaving care
  • can travel independently across Northern Ireland
  • are able to manage responsibilities of the role alongside other personal commitments e.g. college/ work
  • have a friendly manner and can work as part of a group
  • are available at evenings and weekends
  • have an interest in (or experience of) public speaking

How much time do I need?

Young Reps will be appointed for two years. The Young Reps Forum will meet at least once a month. There will also be training days and residentials.

What training and support will I get?

Everyone who becomes a Young Rep will get Induction Training. We will also have special training sessions, such as media training, communication and presentation skills, groupwork skills, etc. Young Reps will get ongoing support from a named VOYPIC Worker.

Where will the meetings be?

The meetings of the Young Reps Forum will take place in one of the VOYPIC offices: Belfast, Ballymena, Lurgan and Derry-Londonderry. We may also have some meetings online. 

You may also be asked to attend workshops, conferences or other events across NI and the UK and Ireland. All travel costs and out of pocket expenses will be paid by VOYPIC.

What do I get from being a VOYPIC Young Rep?

As a Young Rep, you will be a leader in VOYPIC. You will get the opportunity to:

  • meet other young adults with a care experience
  • attend special activities and residentials
  • play a key role in the future development of VOYPIC
  • take part in fun and inspiring events
  • develop your communication and public speaking skills
  • meet others and be a leader in the care community
  • influence services and resources for young people

Above all, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to change care for the better.

And, being a VOYPIC Young Rep is a great thing to put on your CV!

Of course, there will be food and snacks at all meetings of the Young Reps group, and any expenses (like travel expenses) will be covered. 

How do I apply to become a Young Rep?

If you’d like to be a VOYPIC Young Rep, fill in the short application form, telling us about yourself and why you would make a good Young Rep. You can click the blue button to complete the form online. Or click the yellow button to download a Word version of the form.

All applications must be received by 5pm on Friday 29 September 2023.

We’re also asking for a reference – a person we can talk to about your application to make sure this is the right opportunity for you. This might be a social worker or a teacher, or your VOYPIC Youth Rights Worker.

Need more information?

If you would like to have a chat to someone before applying to be a Young Rep, you can contact Alicia or Brenda on 028 9024 4888.

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