Friday 21 February 2020

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What is Care Day?


Care Day is the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience. This group includes children and young people who are or were cared for by foster carers, or other family members, and those who live in children’s homes. They deserve to be celebrated, on care day, and every day.



The first Care Day took place in 2016. It began in the UK and Ireland as a joint initiative across five children’s rights charities.


Voice of Young People in Care (Northern Ireland)
Become (England)
Empowering People in Care (Ireland)
Voices from Care (Wales)
Who Cares? Scotland (Scotland)


Care Day takes place on the third Friday of February, every year.




Join us on 21 February 2020 for CARE DAY 20!


Care Day 2020 (Friday 21 February) will be our fifth annual celebration. We will celebrate care experienced children and young people across the U.K, Ireland and beyond. The 5 Nations, 1 Voice alliance invites every care experienced child, young person and adult to join in this day of celebration.


We also invite every individual, corporate parent, elected representative, third sector organisation and other supportive groups to join in. Every care experienced person deserves to have a childhood where they thrive and where they are celebrated for every part of who they are and what they achieve. It’s their right and on Care Day we’ll be shouting that out from the rooftops. Join us!






The theme for Care Day 20 is REIMAGINING. In the run-up to Care Day, we are encouraging everyone to take some time to rethink what they think they know about how children are cared for in Northern Ireland. The young people we work with have told us that many people don’t have a very positive image of care and children in care. Some think that children in care cause trouble, don’t do well at school and rarely achieve in life. We need to challenge those myths.


We also know that there are many preconceived ideas about what ‘being in care’ means among the general population. For example, many people we talk to think that most children in care live in residential children’s homes. In reality, 6% of children in care live in a children’s home, with the vast majority (79%) living with foster carers, both in kinship and non-kinship foster homes.


This Care Day, we encourage everyone to take some time to rethink what they think they know about how children are cared for in Northern Ireland.




What could you do?


Last year there were more than 50 activities and events held all across Northern Ireland to mark Care Day. From pizza parties to coffee mornings, nature walks to training and talks, there were events to suit all ages and interests. Any organisation, or any individual, can organise an event or activity to celebrate Care Day. So, what will you do?



Organise an Event!


From information sessions, to poetry readings, and from art exhibitions to sports competitions, there are lots of ways to celebrate Care Day 20. Be creative and see if you can do something that has never been done before!


Whatever you do, we’d really like to hear about your plans to celebrate Care Day 20 and to add your event to our Care Day Calendar. Please complete the online Event Registration form here.


Please note:-


  • Complete one form for each event/activity planned. Once we receive these, we will be in touch to provide you with branded merchandise.
  • Your event/activity does not have to be on Care Day- you can register any events that are taking place in the weeks around Care Day (21 February) and we’ll happily include them on the calendar!


To ensure you receive your FREE Care Day 20 Event Pack, please register your event by Friday 31 January 2020.


Support Our Work


In previous years, some people have held fundraising events to help support our work with children and young people in care. Of course, you don’t have to raise money to take part in Care Day, but if you would like to please get in touch and we can help you with this. Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 029 9024 4888 for more information.


Spread the word on Social Media


We want to make a big noise about Care Day and our theme, REIMAGINING, through social media. Please use our hashtags #CareDay20 & #REIMAGINING when you are talking about your plans. And, don’t forget to tag us! Here are some links to our social media pages:








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Care Day Logo


Have you seen our Care Day logo? This logo is the OFFICIAL stamp of Care Day across the UK and Ireland. It is free to use for all organisations and individuals holding events or activities to celebrate Care Day 20. You can download the logo by clicking on the image below.



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