Marking 30 years of the UNCRC

Friday, 22 November 2019 09:37

Earlier this week (20 November 2019) we celebrated International Children’s Day and marked the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

This landmark convention is most widely ratified international treaty in the world. Its ratification by the UK Government in 1991 enshrined a fundamental rights framework for all children in the UK, used to shape policy, guidance and legislation across the four legislatures in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast, and at all levels of local government.

These rights provide a basis for our children and young people to be safe, to develop, to grow and to flourish.

Around the world, communities have been celebrating this important anniversary and the impact that these rights have had on the lives of children and young people everywhere.

Three decades after its signing, we must not become complacent about the importance of the Convention. It is the duty of us all, across all sectors, to ensure that that all children and young people can enjoy their rights and that any and all attempts to dilute or circumvent these protections are resisted.

Of course, only when children’s rights are incorporated into domestic law can they fully enjoy the full protection of their rights in Northern Ireland. VOYPIC is keen to see a future Northern Ireland Executive bring forward legislation to achieve this, as is currently underway in Scotland.

VOYPIC was established following the ratification of the UNCRC by the UK government. Our history and ethos has always been focused on the promotion and protection of children’s rights. Today we remain committed to, and passionate in, our promotion of the rights of every child and our work ensuring children and young people in care can enjoy the protections and freedoms the rights laid out in the Convention provide them.

We thank the countless individuals and groups who campaigned for decades for the UNCRC, and to all those who have spent the last 30 years campaigning to ensure every child can enjoy their rights.

And, of course, we celebrate the wonderful young people we work with and all the ways their lives are made better by the UNCRC.


Alicia Toal
Chief Executive