Billie-Jo's first #CareDay18 blog

Monday, 12 February 2018 14:54

Well folks, it has been a long year since my last blog post! With #CareDay18 round the corner and it being the third year…I thought, why not treat you all to three blogs?!

Now I bet you’ve been asking yourself, what has Billie-Jo been doing for the past year? Well let’s begin with the latter part of my first year as a social work student! Having passed my law and theory modules, this semester was focused on the social sciences and yeah, they were interesting but I was more focused on planning for my placement in August (more on this to come on Wednesday)!

I was also given the opportunity to go on an international trip to Portland, Oregon with the university to visit a non-governmental organisation working on drug addiction. Most of my experience in relation to drugs was within my biological family so this gave me an opportunity to develop my knowledge. And boy did I learn a lot! Not only did I conquer my fear of flying (four flights of nearly seven hours each definitely helped) and get to go to America for the first time, I also got to see how the US operates in so many different ways. I have so many memories that I will never forget. From being in a drug court and sitting in the judge’s chair, to having a young man who is same age as me bring me to tears with his story, to seeing an operational methadone clinic. I got to see homeless programmes operating within the city which gave me so many ideas of what Northern Ireland could do!

Of course I also got to see the amazing city of Portland (gorgeous but strange) and definitely came home with an overload of clothes (thrift shops in America are amazing)!

Through this trip I was able to observe a range of different activities and experiences which I think I can apply in practice! It might have been a different type of service and function but social workers from all over the world share the same vision - to help those who are in need of help!
Until Wednesday Folks!