White Stuff's christmas appeal - a huge thank you!

Monday, 21 November 2016 10:22

White Stuff is running a Christmas appeal for VOYPIC. It’s a simple idea – they’re asking their customers to buy one extra Christmas gift for a teenager living in care. And like all simple ideas, it’s a good one.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to support the appeal at White Stuff’s Belfast shop in Cornmarket. I spent a few hours having a quick chat with customers explaining the valuable work we do across Northern Ireland and how a simple gift would make a huge difference. All of the customers were very responsive and friendly and took the time to listen to me telling them about our work and the Christmas appeal. That was great, but I was overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of three individuals and want to share that here.

I had a short conversation with one lady in the shop - she set off and continued her shopping in Gordon’s Chemist and Thornton’s buying presents before returning to White Stuff with them. It was a simple, lovely gesture and one which is greatly appreciated by VOYPIC. A little while later, I talked to two more shoppers explaining what we were asking people to do. Both women left the shop with a VOYPIC flyer and in no time at all, returned with two bags from Dunnes Stores full of presents!

I know how kind and generous people can be and none more so than the people of Northern Ireland. But there was something about last Saturday and the kindness and generosity of those three shoppers and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for making a huge difference to me, to VOYPIC and most especially to young people who will have their gifts. Cold day on Saturday but they really warmed my heart and made it a brighter day all round!
The White Stuff Christmas appeal is running until Sunday 11 December.

Please share our appeal poster on Facebook and more importantly buy that one extra Christmas gift for teenagers in care.

Thank you.