Billie-Jo's Blog, 12 September 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016 13:25

Well folks, apologies for the delay in this blog but I have had a majorly busy few weeks!

I suppose the most time consuming thing on my agenda was my RA training. Two weeks of learning on a vast range of topics such as Mental Health Awareness, Disability Awareness and Alcohol Awareness. While I work in a student accommodation setting, this is still useful for my Social Work career as I’ve learnt a lot of valuable information about identifying triggers in certain situations!

With training being over now, I have moved into my newly renovated house for the year and I love it! Something I used to struggle with was adapting to new rooms but honestly, this time I adapted straight away and it already feels like home! I love it! I suppose it helps that I was the first one to move in and was here for a few nights by myself but I now have flatmates so I can’t complain!

Other stuff that happened over the past few weeks include my birthday (I’m now classed as a mature student and I feel old) and the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Celebration of Success Gala Ball! The Gala was amazing - shout out to the social workers who organised it as it was so good. Plus I got to see three of the young people I actually lived with in Barn Court children’s home. Over 10 years later!

Today I suppose is a big day for me. I finally get to officially register for my social work degree! I have submitted my application to NISCC (Northern Ireland Social Care Council) to be placed on the register and am waiting for confirmation in a couple of weeks. But today I get to complete my QSIS registration for Queen’s to enrol in my degree. Now the most exciting thing for anyone at the start of the year is their timetable … I have seen mine and I need to learn how to go to bed early… two 9am lectures which last three hours and two 10am lectures lasting two hours. This is my timetable minus my tutorials…so more fun to come!

With the start of my degree next week, I will not be able to blog every week, so there will be a change. I aim to blog at milestone points, unusual times or events and possibly about anything interesting I learn during my degree. However I hope to do a blog for my Welcome Week next week so watch this space!