Billie-Jo's Blog, 16 August 2016

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 11:07

Well it's another week closer till I start back to university and the excitement is setting in! Three years ago this week, I was waiting on my results to find out if I got into university for my first degree! Originally this was for pharmacy which I got into but I decided upon getting my results I wanted to do something else, which ended up being geography! And here I am, three years later, about to start another degree. Thankfully this time I don't have to wait for results but for anyone else waiting on A-level results this week, know my thoughts are with you! I know the agony and pain! I hope you all get the grades you want!

I suppose this past week for me has centred on the fact I met my boyfriend's family for the first time. This is nerve racking for most people but for those of us who have moved around lots of families, meeting another new family is hard! The need to impress and make them like you is massive! Also when they want to get to know you, you wonder if and how you tell them about your past. Thankfully, having been best friend's with my boyfriend for over a year and a half before we got together, he knew everything and he was able to tell his parents which meant I didn't have to tell them! They were so welcoming and make me feel at home. It helped when they didn't ask anything about my past and got to know me as I am now! Having them being so welcoming was so lovely and the fact they were so unjudgemental was amazing and showed me that there are people who just care about someone as a person rather than their past.

Getting away from Belfast was for a few days was brilliant but it was made even better about the fact I got to spend those few days on a dairy farm! I got to help out in the milking parlour and got to help teach some new calves how to feed! My boyfriend's parents also made me feel more at home by giving me a calf who they named Billie-Jo (see attached photo)!

Another highlight this past week was that last Monday I had a radio interview with BBC on my experiences being homeless and at university! I'm no stranger to media appearances but it's still an amazing opportunity!

Till next week everyone!