Young people tell us about their graduation night (30 June)

Monday, 11 July 2016 12:46

We asked Toni and Sintija to act as VOYPIC Newshounds at our annual young people's graduation on 30 June in the Glenavon House Hotel, Cookstown.  They asked young people three questions:-

What will you remember about tonight?

The karaoke was the firm favourite with young people attending.  Vivian dancing was also mentioned as was getting an award and the cartoon pictures. 

"banter with mates"

"atmosphere and how everyone was getting along"

"smiles and excitement ... happiness all around"

"people care like a big family" 

What was your favourite part of the evening?

"Being able to see friends I haven't seen in ages"

"Meeting the Montenegro girls"

"Making new friends"

"Hanging out and getting to know others"

Tell us, in one word what you thought about the event.

"Exceptional" "Fantastic" "Awesome" "Happiness" "Legendary"

Toni also asked young people would they change anything about the night.  The resounding response was "Nothing, it was all good" with one exception - the Lurgan office getting to sing Spice Girls.  You had your opportunity guys - make sure you are at the top of the queue next time!

Lastly, and not to be missed, was a lovely comment - "the staff were epic."

Looking forward to 2017 graduation!

What about Toni and Sintija's night? - it wasn't all work and no play for them

Toni's night

Although I didn’t take part in the circus school, I saw a lot of young people with them and they were having fun. I thought the night was great. I will remember the karaoke session as everyone took part in it and had fun. My favourite part of the night would probably be the positive atmosphere as everyone was so happy and if I were to describe it in one word I would say it was amazing and I would not change a thing although I would get more involved by joining in with the circus school and getting a caricature picture done.

Overall it was great night for those who were involved and it was a very positive experience for all of the staff for it to go so well. It was a great way for young people to feel achievement by getting certificates and for everyone to see their friends from the different trusts. It was a laid back, enjoyable experience and I myself really enjoyed it.

Sintija's night

The evening was amazing, it was nice and simple and very enjoyable. I loved that everyone was having a fabulous night. The karaoke was so much fun and there was so many good performers who had the confidence to go up on stage and let their hair down and sing their hearts out. I think the main thing about the evening was the food - it's always amazing every year and especially the desert. I felt the night was so amazing as so many people came together from different trusts as a big FAMILY. As I have said before, VOYPIC is one big family when everyone comes together. Throughout the whole evening all I could see were smiles all over the place, there wasn’t anyone that looked like they didn’t want to be there. 

The thing I will remember about the night is the karaoke and the dancing at end of the night. My favourite part of the night was when the certificates were given out and seeing smiles all around the place. One word that describes the night is ‘FANTASTIC’. Such an amazing turn out.