Your views on being in care are very valuable to us. We believe that sharing your views and experience can help to make services better for other children and young people in care.

In 2011 we ran the first of three annual exciting and unique surveys to capture the views and experiences of care experienced children and young people aged 8-18. Our Life in Care is a Computer Assisted Self Interview survey designed to be completed online.

Our Life in Care asked young people questions about care; participation in LAC reviews; education; lifestyle and key relationships. The last survey was conducted in 2013.

We have been sharing Our Life in Care findings to make sure that services are as good as they can be for children and young people in care. We have also increased public awareness about care by promoting a more positive image of children in care.

Check out what young people have told us in CASI 2011 Our Life in Care 2012 and Our Life in Care 2013.