Young People's Guides

Our Care Guides

VOYPIC has developed a series of care guides to help you if you are coming into care or are leaving care.


This guide is aimed at children aged 12 or under living in kinship foster care.


Click here to view the prezi to accompany this guide.

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This resource was designed by care experienced young people and explores issues surrounding mental health and well being.

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This workbook helps young people who are in, or have been in, care to start building a person centred plan.

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This guide helps answer your questions about leaving care.

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This guide is for you if you are 11 to 15. Going into care can be a scary and confusing time. You may have lots of questions about why you have gone into care, what life will be like living in care and how it will all work.

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If you are under 10, this guide is for you! It will help you understand why you don't stay with your Mum or Dad and helps to answer the questions you might have about living somewhere else.

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