Group work programmes and one to one support to boost self esteem and confidence

Participation is all about building your confidence so that you can express your views and have your say. We regularly run group work programmes as well as offering individual support just for you.  You get to try out new things, learn new skills and meet new friends.

You can use our service if you are a child in care, on the edge of care or are a care leaver aged 25 or under.

What's on offer?

Lots of great programmes and fun activities to help you build your confidence, learn new skills and make new friends.

Examples of our programmes

Can't Cook? Can Now!

Would you like to know how to cook for you and your friends? If so, then this programme is for you. Why not try your hand at chopping an onion, cooking up a tasty pasta dish or munching on your very own homemade dessert...

Creative Arts

Why not explore the world around you through music, dance, drama, art and photography? Our creative activity groups have staged exhibitions, won awards and most importantly have had bags of fun.

Health and Fitness

Come along to a health and fitness programme and learn how to get fit and feel healthy and happy. Get active with VOYPIC and have fun while you're getting fit.

paticipationHow do I get involved?

It's easy!

  • Call us on 028 9024 4888 Monday to Friday or
  • Complete the online contact form or
  • Chat to your social worker or key worker
    and ask her/him to contact a member
    of our local team

How to make a complaint

We are committed to providing a great service for all the young people we work with. However we recognise that you may be unhappy about the quality of our service, about something we have done or about something we have not done. You have a right to complain.

To find out more about how you can make a complaint, download our complaints leaflet »