Natasha's story

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 08:59


Hi there my name is Natasha, I wanted to share my story about living in care with you. I lived in foster care for approximately 9 months. I then moved to residential care and I stayed there until I was 17years old. I then moved into independent living with my sister.

When I lived in foster care I didn't get on with anyone in my foster placement and I was happy to move to residential care. Although when I was in foster care I had a good relationship with my social worker and she listened to me. When I was living in a children's home, I had good relationships with staff, some of my relationships with certain staff was better than others. The staff in the children's home provided me with good support and advice, although at times I didn't see this but as I have got older I can now see this. The staff helped me with a range of issues such as contact, education and personal issues. I liked the staff as they always ensured I was safe and being a teenager I didn't accept this at the time. As I am older, I can see now that the staff always wanted the best for me. Whilst in residential care I also made good friends and to this day I still have a close relationship with one of them. Although we don't see each other every day, we are always in contact.

I would encourage young people that are in care today to keep your head down, keep out of trouble, try to avoid peer pressure and listen to the advice being given by staff.

I would like to see in the next 21 years residential staff to be more aware of young people's behaviours and the triggers for their behaviours. For children's homes to only have 4 young people (maximum) at a time as I feel this is a better home for young people. This is based on my experience.