A big thank you to Vivian McConvey from everyone at VOYPIC

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 09:53

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A big thank you to Vivian McConvey from everyone at VOYPIC

After 17 years as VOYPIC Chief Executive Vivian McConvey is moving on to a new opportunity, leading the Patient Client Council. Announcing the news Michael Thompson, VOYPIC Chairperson, said:

“On behalf of the directors, staff and young people of VOYPIC, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Vivian, and wish her well in a great new challenge.
Over the past 17 years Vivian has been the strongest of advocates for children and young people. She has led VOYPIC with relentless energy, passion and professionalism.
In recent years, Vivian, along with VOYPIC Operations Director, Alicia Toal, has worked closely with the VOYPIC Board to overcome significant external challenges facing the organisation.
As a result, in our 25th year we look to the future on a sound financial footing, with a refreshed organisational structure, and anticipating our move to a new flagship headquarters.
On Vivian’s departure, Alicia will step in as acting CEO for a six-month period. This will enable the VOYPIC Board to undertake a thorough recruitment process while the VOYPIC Team continue to deliver services to support children and young people, in line with our strategic plan.
Vivian has changed the lives of so many young people and, while we will undoubtedly miss her, she will always be a big part of the VOYPIC family.”

Looking back over her time with VOYPIC, Vivian said:

“From facilitating the first meeting with young people 25 years ago and through having the privilege of leading VOYPIC for the past 17 years, I have learnt that change happens when we all participate in finding solutions together.
Working with fantastic young people and colleagues, I am proud to have helped VOYPIC achieve many great successes.
Together we have built a strong voice for care experience children and young people, through our advocacy and participative work, incredibly creative events and conversations led by young people.
Collectively we have changed the narrative about care, key to which is championing Care Day with our 5Nations 1Voice Care Family.
But the biggest highlight has always been working with children and young people.
Many who first join the VOYPIC family struggle for confidence and may not have had opportunities to explore their care world with their peers. To see these young people flourish, find their voice and share their vision for change, is always a joy and a great reminder as to why we advocate so strongly.

Ryan McChesney, a care experienced young person who has recently joined the VOYPIC Board of Directors, said:

“Through VOYPIC I’ve had fun, made friends and grown in confidence; I now represent young people as Vice-Chair of the VOYPIC Board!
VOYPIC has changed my life and the lives of many other young people. Vivian has been absolutely central to that. She is always warm and friendly in her welcome, leads the fun, and is passionate in fighting for young people’s needs.
She will be truly missed by all the young people and staff of VOYPIC, and we wish her all the very best in her new job.”



1) 5 Nations, 1 Voice (5N1V) is a partnership which champions the cause of children in care and care leavers between Who Cares? Scotland, Voices from Care (Wales), Become formerly Who Cares? Trust (England), EPIC (Ireland) and VOYPIC (Northern Ireland).

2) The fourth annual Care Day takes place on 15 February 2019 with events in the Waterfront Hall Belfast. Care Day is a joint initiative across five children's rights charities Who Cares? Scotland, Voices from Care (Wales), Become (formerly Who Cares? Trust) (England), EPIC (Ireland) and VOYPIC (Northern Ireland).