VOYPIC launches Care Day 2017 campaign

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 09:17

VOYPIC (Voice of Young People in Care) officially launches their Care Day 2017 campaign with a specific message for Northern Ireland to LOOK, ACT, CARE for children and young people in care. We want individuals, communities, government departments and key organisations from the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors to LOOK, ACT, CARE on Friday 17 February.

VOYPIC will join forces with the Northern Ireland Football League which is pledging its support for Care Day and encouraging local football clubs and communities throughout Northern Ireland to become positive role models for children and young people in care. In particular, football clubs will be encouraged to promote volunteering and mentoring or help to raise funds to provide a range of activities for children in care.

Vivian McConvey, CEO of VOYPIC welcomed the Northern Ireland Football League’s support “We want Care Day 2017 to be even bigger and better than last year. We want to build a supportive care community that helps each and every child to reach their full potential. Every day we are inspired by their resilience and desire to overcome the difficulties they face. Last year, the inaugural CARE DAY across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and the Republic of Ireland promoted a new and positive message as a response to how young people feel that they are perceived.  Northern Ireland responded to the call for more positive images of care in the media by hosting over 45 community events. From breakfast to dinner, there were conversations, cake sales and conferences.    The day ended with 400 children, young people, family and friends raising the roof of Belfast City Hall performing live with rock band Rockaoke.  #CAREDAY trended on social media  as the care family came out to support and celebrate the achievements of care experienced children and young people.”

Andrew Johnston, Managing Director of Northern Ireland Football League told young people that Care Day would provide an opportunity to raise the profile of children in care and care leavers. He said “Northern Ireland Football League is delighted to pledge its support for Care Day.  Local football clubs, communities and individuals will be encouraged to Look Act, Care for children and young people in care.  We want to open the hearts and minds of local football communities, families, employers, supporters and the wider society to care on Friday 17 February. This will promote a shared sense of identity and positive, strong connections between young people with experience of care and the sporting community.”

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