Care Day 2016 - Positive images and messages

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 14:55

Care Day has landed (19 February)

Over 40 events are happening across Northern Ireland to celebrate positive images and messages about care. Many more are being organised in England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

Check out our dedicated Care Day Facebook page to find out what's happening in Northern Ireland.

Please tweet using #careday to show your support for the day and for care.

Why Care Day?

Young people in care grow up with ambitions, dreams, energy and hopefulness to match those of their peers. They know however about the stigma and stereotypes that can burden them because they grew up in care. They want negative attitudes challenged and replaced by accurate and positive images and stories.

We believe that we can do this by having a shared day dedicated to children in care and care leavers. On Care Day NI 19 February 2016 let’s …

Raise the profile and share experiences of children and young people in care and care leavers
Promote a sense of identity and positive, strong connections between young people with care experience
Celebrate stories of success for children and young people in care and care leavers.

Read our Care Day briefing paper .

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Watch our Care Day promotional video.